Sunday, December 1, 2013

My New Path: Trenches Of a HaTeFuL Haunting.....LOVE PreVails! + HanYak +

So as i filter through another night on this mountain in Georgia i begin to conclude that the cycle of Learning what is here and has been here is coming soon to a close.Im only one man but i am a Man who has been Redeemed through LOVE!! I was and can still be very HaTefuL. "I Hate,I Hate,I Hate."- Unwilling To Explain. Emotions are a whirlwind of dragons breath mixed with a polar freeze that chills a Man like me to the bones.Chattterring.......Blagh.  All HAIL! {HanYak} Habakukk is snapping his fingers and Can PuREly seeeeeee the vision as it RISEs. Inlisto de hasua encriminea?'* As me and Simerly Crone step closer to the edge of NeVeR aGaiN........things become ever clearer.Clearer. Trust.Faith.Love!!  Cakkuunalogy..................Ohhhh YeaH Its all ME. Better bring a steady hand and have your ScOpe dialed in. "Down the mountain run boy run.....devils in the house....."

All i do know is someone i loved who passed unexpectedly said that he felt something was following him and i just know i Can ReLate right now. I welcome death.Whoever is the Hunter i wanna say this "Your a weak abomination. Your already in Hell right inside of you and you cant run from the Devil.If there is a target on my back,then saddle up you fornicating insidious Troll that is WEEEEAAAKKK! I welcome it i do. Fear is of your Master and he has no reign on my soul.Not even One More Day! ALL Hail The LORD.He Has Risen. WelCome to Violence you worthless residents of Babylon. Sodom and Gomorrah will burn the hairs of your stinky RED ASS. You will have to answer your Maker in the end as i will have to do the same. I have always been "In The Hands Of God".I know a few of the young tricksters who try and toy with an old master of trickery and thievery but ive been Redeemed in The blood of JESUS and have no explaining or hiding to do. I stand Firm in my faith. Faith without works is DEAD!!! I am Not dead by Gods Grace ONLY. Trust!! Believe!! Repent!! I am only a Man. I am not weak or strong! I AM A MAN.!! Habakukk!       {"Your word  is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.  - Psalm 119:105 esv}

  I Love the gift of a loving and sexy understanding Woman. It is a blessing to be Loved but even more rewarding to be able to comfort this creature of God that is a GIFT for an old JUNKIE no longer in the gutter or Killing himself softly or slowly.Not even quickly! Im CLEAN!! Bi-Polar. Medicated but not HIGH. Love is Wonderful. SHe LOVES MEEEEEEE!!!! Hell Yeah!! I am Worthy.  Hate SUCKS but not gone. Never.13 is still here. Good and Bad are both Necessary but the Ghosts of The Past need to Get Behind my Door and STAY AWAY FROM INSIDE MY HEART and HomE! Sim is the Angel of Love. She needs Peace. I am like a Warrior for her defense and DEA can FUCK OFF!! Abuse and Weak Minded Shark Pit Dwellers need to Ride Out and Stay in their PIT of SHAMELESS SHIT Demon PuNkkk ass PUSSY!!!! {St.Luke 4:8} My language and hatred for the Abusive EVILs and negativity that have stomped out a piece of an Angelic and GolDen heart makes me feel that i would be a Hypocrite to Dictate The Book of St Luke because i have Hatred in my heart and Venom in my blood. Its only one weak man who stamps around like the Bastards he tries to discipline but can only make threats to Cause their Fear of his withdraw of FUnds of Marks Of Water and Deep sea beasts. This is Over. No one will bother you and you are commanded by God and Me {Kirk} to stay away. No threats.I want no war but Kennesaw is not mine nor yours. Just carry on and know i only wish Peace. Stay AWAY and SWAT out Your HATE.I only wish Merry Happiness for you and the offspring you Sprang. Well wishes from me and no harshness is ever going to befall you or TCB!?!? Good ALL Good. Peace be with TCB n U! My home is states away. Music is mine and the markings of a TURTLE.yours  + Shark Tooth +  Teeth of the Divine. No excuses.No apologies. ALL peace. In Christ i ask and say PEACE BE WITH YOU!! I only wish Divine Intervention for ALL OF US!! I am Humble.I am Man. I am ME!!  + HanYaK + in the hands of GOD +

Thursday, September 12, 2013


Well its thursday and im so glad Simerly is back home.It was quiet when she was gone.Too quiet.I love our relationship and its fun being around her.It makes my life much more full and worth living.On another note im having such a hard time getting motivated.I have more items i need to photograph and list in my ebay store but its just seeming like such a task to even get up and head in that direction.My phone and the apps on it have become a hardcore addiction.I cant pull myself away from it sometimes it seems for hours.Ive got to get past this and get back to channeling my energy into my work and music.I will,i will,i will do whats needed to keep my commitments rolling forward.More silliness with my phone foto apps,

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Exorcise the Wish

Creepy Things and Wishing I Was Posessed

As i continue to slowly drift away again into an oblivious and unwanting existence i pause to wonder if my mind will ever be enough stable to exorcise the demon that plagues my entrance to a normal way of  sinning.I cry out to you o lord why is this thing not running?Why am i never under a pane of dripping obsession into grand dissillusions of being a normal member transparent in society?FUCK ME!!!I cant even hardly endure the pain of losing my keys let alone the passing of ones own love for disrespected gutter dwelling living.Its not enough.It will never be enough,Did you think you could erase that from their shallow christian scab picking minds?HA BULLSHIT,fucking maggots would pay dearly just to suck the marrow from your right to freedom into well unmannered living.IS IT LIVING?Who THe FUcK aRe YOU???WHO?I wish i didnt have this disease.WHich one you ask??Well fuck,i forgot to bring my list.Lets start with the one that makes me steal from a dying ladies rotting corpse bedside to try and reach the state of being that most people pay good doctors to try and recover from.GOOD DOCTORS!!??"Hey Doc can up you that to 10,000 mg 100 times a day?"...."This Bug just wont go away."The doctor replies"That bug is in the mirror of repetition transferrring to anyone the plight of one junkie mans decay?"....."You would be better to snatch a purse,burn a church and slowly slice your flesh and after kneel down and PRAY!" FUCK YOU DOC!I was healthier before the diagnosis of a retarded reject solely bent on collecting unwaranted funds in the first place of social decay.But God damn i just cant look away.4 more pills,plop plop down the hatch.Wake the Priest before my buzz kicks in and then i will have nothing to try and say.  Stand together now and lets all sing..."Oh bury me not,On the lone prairie.Oh bury me not........................." Isnt that special? AGGGHH I WISH I COULD STICK a buTTER knIfe in YoUR FUCKING JugUlAR vein the DRy Out YoUR saGgING corPse And Let FerrIts Eat YouR rOTTing fLeSH Away. "Can NOT." the little black child has drifted away.But what oh what can you fuckers eVeN SaYY??Do unto OthjErs as You wOuld do unto yoUrsElf you SelFiSh fUck,Dont you fucking look at me.DONT......YOOOUUUUU FUckinng Look AT ME<ME<ME.!!!

Dont you narrow minded fucking pencil pushing ass munching faggot losers Look AT ME!!!!  " you cunt."

Stealing Away Hours of My Life

I just cant seem to get myself together sometimes.Doing things on a schedule is hard for me.My medications,getting things taken care of for what little work i do have.I mean sometimes i feel retarded in a way,Im disabled it seems in the sense of being able to hold myself together well enough to exist in this soceity without just completely losing all sense of direction.I have recently been put on a psych medicine that i feel makes me lose track of time in a roundabout way.On the flip side im much more productive.

Life has been being lived.What i know i must realize for today is that regardless of how many mistakes i make or whether im doing it your way, their way,MY WAY(Hahahaha.....might as well play "My War" by Black Flag) i am getting grounded by God.God is in control and HAS ALWAYS HAD MY BACK!So have many others that i am forever grateful too.One man in Particular BS.......You are my brother.I need a friend.Will you just be my friend for now! I could use some advice.I am very fragile and i plan to..................................................!