Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Stealing Away Hours of My Life

I just cant seem to get myself together sometimes.Doing things on a schedule is hard for me.My medications,getting things taken care of for what little work i do have.I mean sometimes i feel retarded in a way,Im disabled it seems in the sense of being able to hold myself together well enough to exist in this soceity without just completely losing all sense of direction.I have recently been put on a psych medicine that i feel makes me lose track of time in a roundabout way.On the flip side im much more productive.

Life has been being lived.What i know i must realize for today is that regardless of how many mistakes i make or whether im doing it your way, their way,MY WAY(Hahahaha.....might as well play "My War" by Black Flag) i am getting grounded by God.God is in control and HAS ALWAYS HAD MY BACK!So have many others that i am forever grateful too.One man in Particular BS.......You are my brother.I need a friend.Will you just be my friend for now! I could use some advice.I am very fragile and i plan to..................................................!


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